Game Based Learning

Game Based Learning


If the answer to any of these questions is "no", then Game Based Learning may be for you…

A perennial frustration© for organisations working within high hazard industries is that despite going to great time, cost and trouble© to communicate important messages across the entire workforce, incidents continue to happen. Making these messages "stick" is clearly not a trivial pursuit©.

But don't panic©, Risktec offers an exciting solution to this problem…


Whereas our training and education modules primarily focus on transferring complex technical knowledge and understanding to industry specialists, Game Based Learning (GBL) is all about communicating simple messages to large numbers of people at all levels of an organisation in a highly memorable way.

Game Based Learning takes the message you want to communicate out of PowerPoint and places it tangibly in front of the trainee. If you connect four© of its fundamental characteristics then magic starts to happen! A GBL session is short and snap©-py, fun, hands-on and accessible to all. Each game uses an every-day analogy or metaphor for a traditionally technical subject making the training accessible to all personnel across the organisation, from operations personnel to discipline engineers to senior managers and executives. Through playing the game, trainees develop a memorable appreciation of how the analogy/metaphor relates to their specific roles and responsibilities. When people participate in an interactive, hands-on activity, they acquire© and retain knowledge to a much greater degree compared with simply listening or reading.


This claim is certainly not balderdash© - it is supported by the work of Edgar Dale, the educational mastermind©, who illustrated the point through his "Cone of Experience".  It is commonly suggested that you remember as much as 90% of what you "do" when you simulate, model or experience a lesson. This is also something the Chinese philosopher Confucius understood as long ago as 500 BC when he is attributed to have said; "I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand".  This is what GBL is all about.

What do the Games look like?

You can use GBL to get across any message in the workplace. But it is in high hazard industries - where, generally speaking, improvement is about small margins - that GBL comes into its own.

Risktec has developed a series of games which instil a fundamental understanding of key technical safety themes at all levels of an organisation. Here are a few examples:


Tipping Point Riskjet Peak Performance Cross that Bridge

Click on an image to see the back of the box and find out how to play!

By linking technical safety themes to every day analogies or metaphors, GBL is industry agnostic. With the messages it seeks to communicate transcending all high hazard industries, GBL provides clear benefits to all of these industries.

Who would have thought that having fun playing a game could reduce the likelihood of a major accident? Well, GBL aims to do just that!

The Price is Right©!

These games can be used off-the-shelf or tailored to suit a specific application, operation© or asset and hence can be delivered on a highly flexible, cost-effective basis. They will certainly not put your budget in jeopardy©.

How is GBL delivered?

Like a good twister© player, GBL is extremely flexible. Each session is short, typically lasting 30 to 45 minutes, and can be delivered in a number of ways:

  • To provide a diverting, energising break from a traditional classroom session.
  • To deliver a serious message (e.g. a process safety improvement) in a short, high-impact and memorable session.
  • As an entertaining ice-breaker within a meeting, workshop or conference, that can also convey relevant learning. Don't scrabble© about in your management books for pointless© activities. Use GBL and get some useful learning at the same time!
  • As part of the roll-out of a new initiative or operation, e.g. to support the use of a new facility safety case.

Opportunity Knocks©!

Whilst these games have delivered significant value to organisations already, the process behind their development also offers significant benefit to the organisation. With the intended message in mind, the metaphors which form the bedrock of this process can be readily combined to develop a bespoke game which delivers the message in an effective, memorable way to suit a specific application, operation or asset.


Deal or No Deal©?

Having fun within the serious environment of a high hazard industry should never be taboo©, particularly when it enhances learning and therefore the competence of your workforce. GBL gives all employees an enjoyable experience whilst delivering a serious message in a high impact and memorable way. It makes much more effective use of training budgets, ensuring the message that needs to be communicated is received, understood and implemented quickly and efficiently, providing a long-term benefit to the business - would I lie to you?©

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