Client satisfaction

Twice a year we survey the clients of all our active projects.  The response rate is high for such surveys, around 40%, and we very much appreciate the time and effort spent by our clients in providing feedback to us.  This feedback greatly helps us strive to continuously improve our service.

The survey asks around 20 questions encompassing all aspects of our service, from responsiveness and flexibility, through technical quality, to commercial issues.  We are delighted to receive consistently high levels of customer satisfaction across all questions.

By way of example, on average over the last four and a half years based on about 1,100 responses:

  • 97% of clients rate the technical knowledge of our personnel as very good or good (we view 'fair' as not good enough).
  • 97% of clients view us as easy to do business with.
  • 98% of clients believe they have received good value from Risktec compared to other consultants.
  • 99.7% of clients would recommend us.

If you would like to find out more about our services or participate in our client survey, please email

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